Philippineangels was started in 2007 by the founder and Managing Director Robin Cook with the mission to bring online dating into a safe and scammer free environment.

Philippineangels aims to be the premier Filipina dating site, not by our values, but by our members' views and opinions, we take great pride in giving an excellent customer service. We listen to what our members want how to improve the way we operate. Philippineangels has gone through many transformations to get where we are today. However one thing still remains the same, we still uphold our moral mission to have a zero tolerance on scammers and online cheats.

We are one of only a handful of dating sites, that has the facility for females to verify their ID, giving men peace of mind the lady is who she says she is. Why do go to such lengths? This is a true example of what can happen to the unsuspecting; "An American citizen has filed for the annulment of his marriage with his Filipina partner after finding out on their wedding night that his bride was in fact a MAN. Gerald Brainhard of Michigan USA met Lou Vincent Surarez on a dating website in April 2006." SUN STAR CEBU VOL26 NO 194 SATURDAY JUNE 7 2008

The fact is there are millions of $'s each year that are sent via Western union by people to people they do not REALLY know or have met in person. Many disappear into thin air at the suggestion of meeting! While other actually try to go all the way and marry their internet chat friend. We do want wish to be a "nanny" guide, we merely want our members to be aware of the hazards of online dating.

Providing you never lose track of this, we can say you will meet some of the most wonderful people you could ever wish to meet.

Please explore around the site the many pages of information or subscribe to Robin's blogs and the services we offer and discover why we are much more than just another dating site.

During the time spent with Cris Bartolome, Robin's partner, in the Philippines, together they can provide firsthand experience of life in Asia and what it is like having a long distance relationship.

We hope you enjoy your time with us; we understand internet dating and want to help you bring your dream partner into your life, after that, the rest is up to you.

Good luck and enjoy your time with Philippineangels