Online dating experience.

Online dating experienceThe following are tips and advice from a group of foreigners who are retired, some are single and living in the Philippines for more than 10 years. They are sharing their experience on how to use dating sites and the ways to effectively interact with thousands of girls and avoiding scams. The group compiled some of the most important tips on online dating. Without knowledge and experience on what dating site to choose, it can be a rigorous task of seeking someone whom you like online either for a true love, a wife, or just to have a good time. That is where goods tips come in handy. Their first hand knowledge on online dating will give readers the tips and tricks of dating. They have used many dating websites available in the internet. They will share their knowledge on the best ways to use these dating web sites and get girls to date for free either for a future bride or a casual date. Learn about finding the best dating site and finding a good date. They are not related in any way to any of the dating web sites featured here.

Two Golden Rules on online dating.

These are the two "GOLDEN RULES" that the group considers a must to any online dating and they find very effective, protects you from troubles and saves a lot of time in finding a real date.

Drag them to a WEBCAM.
Do you want to see how real they are and not just based your assessment of their profiles? See them live on a cam, and talk or chat. Most Filipinas wants to chat with foreigners and basically all internet cafes in the Philippines are equipped with a webcam and headsets. Generally all Filipinas know how to use Yahoo Messenger and they are very familiar with it. Yahoo Messenger is free and easy to sign up for an account. See if they speak english good and do some ground work. Some girls will avoid to show themselves on the webcam for no apparent reason, then be aware that she could be hiding something and this could be signs of problems ahead.

Don't send any MONEY.
One common tactic of some of these girls is "Send me some money so I can meet you". Send the money and you will never see her again. Don't be a victim of scams. Many, but not all of these girls will try to extract money from you giving more reasons you can imagine why you should send her money. Tell them that "Don't ask me any money until I meet you". If they refuse to meet you then it could be a scam. Do not send anything to a girl you just met which is a total stranger to you. You can not discount the fact that some of these girls really need money for their education because many of these girls are college students. But, you have to establish relationship first to possibly know everything about her.

More pointers on online dating will be posted here....

Top free and paid online dating web sites

These are the best free and paid online dating web sites that our group find worthy . Some of the biggest date site in Philippines and Asia.

DATEINASIA.COM - A good FREE dating site where you can find filipinas and other asians. They have millions of members with an average of 8 to 10 thousand members online at any given time. You can search by any location in the Philippines or age bracket. The downside is there is no chat feature on this site and they allow "lady boys" as members so beware of those "lady boys" or a gay person. You could ask them if they are lady boys and based on our experience, do not be afraid to ask but as very politely and they will not deny the truth. . Register as a free member on DateInAsia and drag those girls to a web chat. Members are mostly Filipina and Asians.

PINALOVE.COM - This actually a paid for dating site in order to avail all of its features. But you can use it for free and you are only entitled to send emails every 10 minutes, just the same, drag those girls to webcam and chat. There are women who you can initiate or receive contact from without having to pay a single thing. Mostly girls from Manila, Cebu and other cities in the Philippines are members. Great photo gallery and other features. Pinalove if you want to pay includes sending messages, live chat, webcam chat, and showing interest in the lovely ladies at this site. Pinalove does not allow "lady boys" on their site.

*Most popular dating and top dating web site . Highly recommended by the group on the top paid for site in the Philippines. Free dating sites in Asia and the Philippines.

*FILIPINOCUPID.COM - Of all the paid dating sites, is by far is the best. You can enjoy full features like chat, email, video and instant messaging if you are a paid member. You will get all the bells and whistles at a reasonable price of $10.00 a month. I myself have purchased the highest membership available which is a Platinum Membership for $120 for one year and have personally used this website a lot to find a date. The site payment system is secured. They also have free membership with very limited features.

We have used and seen all the dating sites and FilipinoCupid is by far the best. have met so many people in the Philippines who met their wife or bride through FilipinoCupid and this site is effective to find date. All of our friends uses FilipinaCupid and have been very successful in finding a date. Filipinocupid is very careful on screening their female members to avoid "lady boys". has thousands of filipinas as members and the search options includes age, height m weight and others. You can even search for new members and it will bring up all the fresh members registered. There are basically thousands of girls who register at this website and girls does not have to pay in order to register. We are not affiliated with this web site and we are just expressing our gladness that this site is great and worth recommending for.

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Find your asian or filipina partners online. Learn from the online dating experience by experts in the art of dating. Follow the pointers on online dating and be successful. Select the top free online dating web sites. Best dating sites in the Philippines. Free asian dating sites, free philippine dating sites. List of the top 10 dating sites in Philippines.

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